Take a Breath.

The feeling of excitement when the lifeguard tells you it’s “free swim” and you can finally jump in feet first without any inhibitions. There is more than one lane in our pool, with room for everyone to explore and grow.

In creating Free Swim, we wanted to give the average buyer what the industry was missing most: transparency, allowing you to shop freely and confidently. Free Swim bridges the gap between buyer and seller, bringing you collections curated with care and allowing you to know exactly what, and who you’re supporting.

Free Swim is devoted to making the good choice, the easy choice. Creating a space that features womxn, BIPOC, Queer, and Trans-led brands, as well as those committed to sustainability and ethical business. At Free Swim you can jump in with both feet, and trust the collection is curated with care.

Our Guiding Pillars

We Curate

We foster vendor’s creative endeavours through our virtual market place. It is our hope that in doing so, we can put a little more inspiration into the world.

We Connect

We bring authentic perspectives to you and your loved ones from all over the world, so you can weave them into your individual story

We Care

Free Swim is committed to cultivating the continuous cycle of art by ensuring it is interlaced back into the community. To do so, we will donate a percentage of sales to Unity Charity, a Canadian national non-profit that uses creative outlets to promote resilience and well-being among youth.


Breathe Easy